Community Outreach

Oregon Conference Humanitarian Fund

Oregon Conference's Humanitarian Fund was created to help provide churches with the funds they need to help connect their pews with their streets. 

Where does the money come from? It comes from the Humanitarian Projects 7611 line item on your tithe envelopes. There are two parts to the distribution of the money received through this line item: 1) Your church receives an automatic reversion of 70 percent of what it remits to the Conference. 2) Your church may apply through a grant process to access additional funding for your community outreach projects. You don't have to do anything to receive the 70 percent reversion. That will come to your church automatically. In order to receive a grant allocation in addition to the reversion, your church must submit the enclosed grant application.

Any department of your church may apply as long as it can specifically show that a humanitarian connection will be made by your church for the benefit of your community. Applications must 1) include documentation of approval by the church board with minutes signed by the pastor and the treasurer, and 2) be postmarked by January 29, 2010.

Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate ongoing community relationship building and unique start-up projects. Equipment requests may be included. Less priority will be given to ongoing operations. Funding will not be provided for building projects.

For the Grant Application Form, interactive Excel Budget, and Balance sheets, click here.