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ACS Disaster Relief Seeks Help for the Colorado Flood Victims

Devastating Colorado flooding has destroyed or damaged more than 1,500 homes. Thousands of survivors have been evacuated. The rescue effort has been the largest since Hurricane Katrina. Adventist Community Service Disaster Relief (ACS DR) personnel are working with Loveland, Colo., agencies to open a Collection/Distribution Center. ACS DR is collecting much needed emergency supplies and distributing them to the flood survivors. Survivors may not be able to return to their homes for months. They will not only need emergency supplies, but they will need supplies to help them with living in temporary housing until they can return to their homes or until their homes can be repaired or rebuilt.  Read more >>


ACS Disaster Response Training Weekend
Grants Pass, March 29 - 30, 2014
Training team: Sam Pellecer, Dan Patchin, Dale Zigele and Cheri Corder

Sabbath afternoon: 3:00 to 6:00 pm
It’s Coming – What We’re Facing: The Cascadia Peril                                                               
It’s Coming – Get Ready! Personal Disaster Preparedness                                                      
It’s Coming – Get Organized! Local Church DR Coordinator Training                                            
Coordinator Training includes: Basic overview of the ministry of Disaster Response and the local church DR Coordinator’s job description; Structure of ACS - DR in the NAD and in Oregon; Concepts of COADs and VOADs, FEMA and other organizations; Developing relationships within the community

Sunday: 8:30 am to 3:00 pm (afternoon optional)
8:30 am        Registration
                     COST: $30 - includes lunch. To register ahead, call 503-850-3555.
9:00 am        Donations Operations Training
This is a certification program for those who wish to be disaster responders in the area of donations operations and warehouse management for Oregon Conference, and the North American Division.    
12:00 pm      Donations Operations Test
12:30 pm      LUNCH
1:00 pm        Strike Team Training
The objective of a Strike Team is to have a pre-trained team ready to respond anywhere in North America in 24 hours to set up a warehouse for Donations Operations.



September 25, 2013 Update

More than 700 volunteers helped over the weekend at the ACS DR collection/distribution center in Loveland, Colo., located near the center of the population affected by the recent massive flooding. As of September 22, 15,000 food items have been distributed and 12,000 pieces of clothing have been given out. The center is directed by Rocky Mountain Conference ACS DR Director Kathy Kissner with the help of several ACS DR volunteers who are taking on leadership roles.

Volunteers from the community are also helping. They are partnering with Salvation Army, the Mormon Church and some of the mega churches in the area. Campion Academy students so far have volunteered over 500 hours helping with flood relief in Colo., and the senior boys have helped in putting up freestanding shelving in the center.

They will be collecting through September 29 from the public, but will continue to accept donations from corporations and companies. They are beginning to serve people from nearby Weld County also. Supplies will be taken to Greeley and Estes Park, and they anticipate that Longmont, Jamestown, and Lyons residents will be coming to them. Watch the NAD ACS website and Facebook page for updates and for information on how to donate.

October 2, 2013 Update

"I have spent the day at the relief center here at Loveland, Colo., and am completely overwhelmed with all that is going on here and the stories I have heard – especially from those affected," writes Nancy Lamoreaux, director of NAD ITS Department. The following is from Nancy's message:

"The Adventists are deeply appreciated for what they are doing here and leading out with Adventist Community Services Disaster Relief (ACS DR). Cathy Kissner, ACS DR director from the Rocky Mountain Conference, is doing a spectacular job here with her organization skills and knowledge. Campion Academy students have done many hours of volunteer work and are continuing to help wherever they are needed. Many different church groups are helping including the Latter-day Saints, Presbyterians, and Salvation Army, and everyone is working for one purpose – to help those in need.

Many have lost everything and a huge percentage of the people have no flood insurance. Many cannot go back home and have to go somewhere else. About one-fourth of the state of Colorado have been affected by this flood."

The greatest need is always for financial donations which enable ACS to make large bulk purchases for needs specific to the affected area and that are logistically available via roads open for travel.

How you and your church or group can help
With so much trouble and so many disasters surrounding us, or even far away, what can you do to help? ACS gives advice on how to be prepared for a disaster and to help others when affected here.

A flyer and/or bulletin insert are available for downloading on the Adventist Community Services website.

For an example of how your financial donations and ACS volunteerism are multiplied, read this report from the Georgia-Cumberland Conference ACS Director Terry Haight, who tallied up the value of the volunteers, the donated goods and hlep during one disaster aftermath in 2011.

To donate:
1)    Donate online
2)    Drop a donation in your local church offering place marked ACS Disaster Relief Fund
3)    Call 1-800-381-7171 or

4)    Mail a check or money order to:

Adventist Community Services Disaster Response
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD   20904

Another way to help is for groups to create various types of personal care kits that can be distributed immediately to disaster survivors. Instructions and lists for different types of kits can be found at the NAD ACS website.

Some might want to become a trained volunteer or leader, ready to serve in the traumatic aftermath of disasters. ACS offers training for various aspects of community service, and the training schedule is posted and regularly updated at the NAD ACS website.

For updates, "Like" the following Facebook pages.

NAD Adventist Community Services Disaster Response

North American Division

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Adventist Community Services Disaster Response (ACS DR) is involved in the cycle of disaster by providing training in personal and church preparedness, by providing relief through immediate organized community response through collection and distribution of donated goods appropriate to the situation, and by chain saw ministry, debris removal and other relief endeavors. Adventists are also involved in broad-scale relief by working with community entities and long-term relief committees on an ongoing basis. During peace time Adventist Disaster Response volunteers attend local community meetings dealing with community disaster preparedness.

Oregon ACS DR is a member of Oregon Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (ORVOAD). North American Division ACS DR is a member of National Voluntary Organizations in Disasters (NVOAD). These organizations are important coalitions of organizations such as American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Church of the Brethren, Mennonites, Presbyterians and many other faith-based and community organizations who work together to respond to disasters on a national and local level.

ACS DR has an agreement with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide donations management in times of a presidentially-declared disaster. This means any Adventist is welcome to help in all types of disasters if they are licensed responders. FEMA is currently drawing up guidelines which will require all volunteers to be licensed with an affiliated organization in order to be allowed to help in disaster response.

Volunteers are encouraged to become licensed so they can be used immediately and more extensively in disaster. Training events are provided for Seventh-day Adventist members to be ready for disaster here or to deploy to other areas of the country. Please refer to the training schedule listed for the Disaster Response training near you.

Meet the Adventist Disaster Response Leaders