Community Outreach

Adventist Community Services

Since the founding of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1863, our members have been encouraged to follow Christ's example in helping our neighbors. We believe it is our privilege to relieve the suffering of those around us as much as possible within the available resources of our congregations. Hunger feels the same no matter what language we speak. The agony of choosing between food, utilities, health care and keeping families housed is painfully real for many people in our communities. Throughout the years Adventist Community Services has endeavored to alleviate poverty and want.

Congregations choose to meet the needs of their communities in many ways. Often they operate clothes closets and food programs for poverty-level individuals and families. Some provide limited cash assistance as funds are available. Others operate low-cost thrift ministries. Some have quilt-making ministries and others assemble Bags of Love for children who are removed from their homes. The ministries are many and varied, but all are provided in an attitude of genuine care and concern.

In a typical year, over 1,021 volunteers give 161,100 hours of their time to provide assistance to more than 465,950 in southwestern Washington and western Oregon. This is done because we as Seventh-day Adventists find it a joy and a privilege to serve the poor and hurting in Christ's name.